Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back to Atlanta Back to the Blog

Lilly and I had a fantastic year in Brooklyn. Lots of writing, lots of eating, lots of arting. We are now winding our way back to ATL on a very scenic route. We headed west to the Mississippi and are heading south to the coast and will turn east via Alabama. Here are a few high points so far.
Crazy glass at Corning Glass Museum, Corning NY
Delicious MEETZ on Aurthur Ave in the Bronx before we left. 

Sol Lewitt action shot at Mass MoCA, North Adams MA.

Our last bit of sight seeing in New York. Naguchi Museum. Queens NY. 

Modern Gallery, Cleveland OH. 

Atop the mounds of Cahokia, St. Louis MO.

Back in the delta!!!! Leland MS.