Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lilly's B-day at Woodfire Grill

Lilly and I since we knew we were moving to Atlanta have been talking about going to the Woodfire Grill so I took Lilly there for her birthday last night.

We first heard about the place by watching Top Chef 2 seasons ago. Our favorite contestant was the head chef. He didn't win but we always preferred his food to anyone else. The picture above is framed in the bathroom of his restaurant and is a joke about the winner of Top Chef who used too many foams in his cooking.

Lilly's and I originally planned to do the prefix but were seduced away by the items on the a la carte menu. This stuff was better in reality than on reality TV. Each course got successively better and was a wonderful experience.

For our starters we had...

Cress salad with buffalo milk ricotta and local radishes.

Roasted african squash soup with pork skin and pomegranate molasses. The best part was actually the pig skin.


Pan roasted scallop with sweet potatoes, winter squash, lentils, cashew and pear salad. This was one of the highlights of the evening. The lentil were an unexpected and perfect pairing with the scallop.

Wood smoked pork belly. Pickled peppers with pimento cheese. The peppers added a perfect sweet note to the pork belly. Chef Kevin is a undeniable pork wizard.

This is a dark picture but this was my favorite plate of the night. Wood grilled pork loin with roasted baby beets, braised winter greens, candied turnips and turnip puree.

Wood grilled duck breast. Roasted sun-chokes with green beans and pea shoot salad. Medium rare duck breast is a beautiful thing.


A birthday treat from the kitchen! Chocolate banana bread pudding and a candle! Yum.


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