Monday, January 24, 2011

MLK Day at Ebenezer Baptist

 Last Monday we went to the Ebenezer Baptist Church for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Memorial Service.  I snuck in this picture before the service began to give you an idea of the interior.  It was pretty packed that day, and although the service was over 4 hours long the attendees remained enthusiastic throughout.  Speeches were given by friends and family of MLK Jr., the US Attorney General, and MLK III.  The speeches were interjected by energetic performances by school groups and extremely talented local musicians.
 It was a great way to spend MLK Day in Atlanta and experience a little slice of history.

 Ebenezer Baptist Church

 Outside the church was a street festival, which brought all sorts of venders...
sign-bearers and proselytizers...
and capitalizers.

All in all an exciting day.  For those in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend attending the service next year!

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