Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Road Trip posts on BurnAway///DC

We've had a busy year so far, full of road trips and a move. We're based in Brooklyn now so give us a shout out when you're in town!

BurnAway asked us to write about our travels for them. Our visits to Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto can all be found on the site. Look out for one more post featuring Frank Lloyd Wright houses in three different states!

Minneapolis/Twin Cities

Chicago Part 1

Chicago Part 2



Post-the aforementioned cities and before arriving in Brooklyn, we spent some time in DC.

We happened to be there for the 55th anniversary of Ben's Chili Bowl, a D.C. establishment where only Bill Cosby and Barack Obama eat for free. There was a celebration, but we unfortunately missed a Bill Cosby-sighting by a few minutes. We did, however, catch a speech by the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Reverend Jesse Jackson at the mike
 We went to several fantastic museums while in D.C., including the National Gallery of Art (which had a great exhibition of works by Kerry James Marshall, the Freer and Sackler galleries of art, and the Corcoran. We didn't take any pictures, however, either because we weren't allowed to or we didn't feel like it. But no matter, because you came here for the doughnut pictures!

After wearing ourselves out at museums, we stopped at Astro Doughnuts for a pick-me-up.
Above, we have the Brooklyn Blackout, which is essentially devil food's cake in a portable ring format. It was extremely moist and tasty, but not really a doughnut.
Below is the crème brûlée doughnut, which was filled with a vanilla custard.

Not too shabby D.C., not too shabby.

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