Friday, September 3, 2010

Preserved Americana

On an incongruous corner of Dekalb, GA sits a piece of Americana that stands as a tribute to one of the South's greatest treasures.

I give you...


This is the recreation of the original Waffle House restaurant, on its original site.  It first opened on Labor Day weekend, making this month the 55th anniversary!  Wikipedia has a detailed backstory, but the short of it is the original restaurant was repurchased in 2007 to create this "museum".  

The interior has been lovingly restored and decorated with a (plastic) sampling of the original wares.  

We couldn't get inside to get a good picture, but its pretty awesome.  The museum is mostly closed, or used for private corporate events, but in ONE WEEK on Saturday, September 11, the Waffle House Museum will be OPEN from noon until 3pm!  If anyone's interested, we'll be there at 11:30 am sharp!

Waffle House Museum
2719 East College Avenue
Decatur, Georgia 30030

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!  (GO HEELS!)  

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