Monday, October 25, 2010

Burger Brunch: Holeman and Finch, 2277 Peachtree Rd NE #B

 Continuing on our burger quest, we recently found ourselves at Holeman and Finch, a public house styled restaurant in Atlanta.  Their burger is renown for its scarcity; during the week, its an off-menu item only available at 10 pm when 24 double-patty cheeseburgers on house-made buns are announced with a resounding "It's burger time!"

According to their website (on which "burger" is its own header, alongside "menu" and "contact"), their burger has been known to sell out in under a minute.

However, the burger is an on-menu item on Sundays for the weekly brunch.  And so, a few Sundays ago, it was "burger time" for Al and Lil.
A burger isn't the first thing we crave on a weekend morning, so we started with fresh-squeeze grapefruit juice and a trio of deviled eggs.

 Spicy, ham, and chow-chow.
 Followed by a cheese plate with house-made bread, pickled grapes*, and a smear of honey.

*our pickled grapes are tangier, spicier, firmer... we prefer our own.
 We split a country hash with 2 farms eggs and of course,
the burger.

Verdict?  This double patty cheeseburger is without a doubt delicious.  But I'd be surprised if it wasn't, with detailed touches like the house-made bun, ketchup, mustard, and some pretty amazing fries.  However, the double-patty would be better as a doubly-thick single to make it extra juicy.  It was good, but not mind-blowing.  We'd probably hit up Farm Burger again before Holeman & Finch if we were just looking for burgers, but the overall meal at Holeman & Finch will have us coming back soon for the weekday dinner.  Though when burgers are announced at 10pm, we'll be long gone.

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