Monday, March 21, 2011


American Didi looking sad to see us off.
 Bean curd and sprouts appetizers at Din Tai Fung

 xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung

 Shrimp dumpling at Din Tai Fung

 Perfection, or the large sesame bun at Din Tai Fung

 View of Taipei 101 from the Grand Hotel

Gateway to Grand Hotel


 Taiwan Didi.


Back in Georgia after a brief but wonderful visit to Taiwan with my mom and youngest brother.  I miss being there and am already thinking of when I can go back!  

We were in Taiwan when the earthquake struck Japan.  It was surreal to be watching CNN world news and hear "in 10 minutes, the first tsunami will reach Taiwan!"  Luckily Taiwan suffered very little damage and surprisingly we didn't even feel the shocks of the earthquake.  My thoughts are with the Japanese or those who have friends in Japan right now.  

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