Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That Old New York

So Lilly was in Taiwan last week and I had spring break. Instead of twiddling my thumbs in Atlanta I decided to twiddle them in New York. It was great. I got to spend the week eating and arting. Here are some blog-worthy moments in no particular order.

<--Tuesday dusk in Queen looking towards empire state building...

Tuesday at the Guggenheim. Got my pic taken by a japanese tourist and found a copy of Kandinsky's ID from his time teaching at Bauhaus. Notice that it's just a student ID with with student crossed out and professor written in.

<--- Friday night in Williamsburg with artist friend Jeremy. We went in disguise. To fit in we made sure to wear plaid, big glasses and discussed micro-brewing.

Monday Morning with artist friends Sean and Erin. Who were my terrific hosts for most of the week. We got a great greasy spoon breakfast in
at the Doughnut Shop on Queen Blvd near 4oth st. Then made our way to PS1.

There I we saw one of the most memorable art pieces of the week. Feng Mengbo's video game installation "the long march". You can see Sean playing it below.

Wed afternoon picnic in Central Park with actor friend Pip. We decided to do a taste test of Vietnamese sandwhiches. I picked up a high-end sandwich from midtown's Ma Peche. And Pip got a low-end sandwich from a Hanco in Brooklyn (bottom image ). Verdict: Greasy cheap Hanco sandwhich wins! But the "crack pie" from Ma Peche (and it's sister store Momofuko) was undeniably good.

JEWISH FOOD all week! Had an amazing hamentashen on the upper east side at this place with the red awning. A great Knish in the east village at Yonah Shimmel and a even more greater bagel in Clinton hill at Bergen Bagels.

Who could ask for anything more?


  1. Sounds like a good time - I'm not too shocked about the Banh Mi upset, although yeah, I've heard the crack pie is mighty tasty.

    Speaking of pie, Atlanta made a pretty good showing in this list:

    Have you had any of them...?

  2. Hello mysterious WM. We have not tried the pies in Atlanta but will plan on doing so! I noted the NC pies on that list and can vouch for the excellence of everything Allen & Son does (pecan pie included). The pies at Scratch in Durham are superb in filling, but the crust leaves something to be desired.