Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Antico Pizza///first bite

To differentiate themselves from the competition, they turn their boxes inside out. Effective disguise?
We spend a lot of time on the West Side eating.  Abattoir is our go-to for out-of-towners (the $10 tripe soup is the best deal in town and that chess pie is divine), West Egg's $10 Wednesday burger deal plus milkshake is a good go-to, and as time passes, more great restaurants keep popping up.  Not to mention, there's a decent coffee shop over there.

Because of this, it may come as some surprise that until yesterday, we had never had Antico Pizza (warning: if you click on the Atlanta section of the site it will play an insipid Dean Martin song, and loudly).

We've heard numerous times that Antico is the only pizza in town worth eating. So on the way home the other day I stopped and picked up a margherita to go.

The drive home was excruciating. My car smelled delicious. And there was road construction on 10th. The torture!

When I made it home, the pizza wasn't exactly fresh-from-the-oven hot.  But it was definitely still delicious.

Chewy, with a decent amount of char (though not as much as I like), a beautiful sauce and just the right thinness, we certainly enjoyed it for dinner, as well as breakfast the next day.

Next time I eat Antico, I'm going with a crowd to try that funghi pizza, and I'm dining in.  To be continued.

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