Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wisconsin Cow Carousal

This winter my family paid a visit to my Sister in Wisconsin, and found some surprisingly fantastic food while we were at it.

In Lacrosse we went to the Pearl ice-cream parlor. They make all their own stock and it was better than the usual specialty ice cream. Very good fat content and what I imagine was very good milk Lilly. We got some great malts.

Then in Madison we had dinner at Graze a delightful farm to table near the capital building. We got some excellent burgers on a english muffin bun that really worked well. It was on par with any burger in Atlanta.

But the real star was their cheese selection. Here is their menu...

We were so taken with the cheeses at dinner from Carr Valley we decided to go there ourselves. Right in central Wisconsin.


It was a modest operation but they turn out an impressive selection of cheeses. All the varieties are on the back board along with their fair ribbons for award winning cheeses. Their cases were also full of aged cheddars enrobed in black wax. They went from 1 to 10 years.

Our favorite was a blended goat, sheep, cows milk cheese called the Benedictine. But they were all good, and the folks at Carr Valley were very proud.

All and all a wonderful and delicious visit to Wisconsin. Hopefully I can convince Lilly it is not just a fly over state.

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Location:Lacrosse, Madison, Mauston

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