Thursday, August 26, 2010

Buford Bound (Crawfish Shack 4337 Buford Hwy Atlanta)

When I first visited Atlanta I was told a truism: that the best food is found in strip malls. This axiom is completely true on a patch of highway north of Emory called Buford. It is the Atlanta version of Chicago's Devon St.. It too is full of ethnic eateries but spread out and all in strip malls. Notice the sign has a marker designating this corner as "little Thailand" and "little Phillipines".

We made our way to a place we first read about in the NYTimes: ( .
It's called the Crawfish Shack and is a Cajun joint run by a Vietnamese family. Both cultures are present on the menu. We however went for the crawfish, hush-puppies, and fries.
Boiled in Cajun spices these little dudes are delicious. We were also impressed by the hush-puppies, which are some of the best we've had in our Southern travels.

The only way we could have enjoyed this meal more is if we were the ones who got to write the NYTimes article. Regardless we are now Crawfish fans.

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