Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our trip to NC

This post is a few weeks behind.  Our trip to North Carolina to visit my family seems ages ago!  Since then, we've explored Atlanta, gotten in a car accident, and Alex has started class!  We've got some more specific posts on the way, but for now here's a smattering of NC and everything else that has happened.

We spent a lovely afternoon in Smithfield, NC with my grandparents (grandmother and Hallelujah Harry the frog pictured).
Got a tour of my brother's new office in Charlotte, NC and some Bojangles chicken & biscuits on his Saturday lunch break (he works a lot).
Visited the North Carolina Museum of Art's new wing (Alex pictured with a fine Morris Louis).
Mona Lisa optical illusion ball (not its actual title... can't remember)
Joseph Cornell box!  yay!
Alex and Didi, my parent's westie, having a bonding moment.
On our way home, we stopped in Chapel Hill to get breakfast at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, a popular drive-thru breakfast establishment...
... and went next door to Caffe Driade, one of my favorite college haunts, for cappuccinos with one of my favorite college people :)

Then it was back to Atlanta where disaster struck(!) in the form of a sleepy driver...
...who crashed into my car after scraping the side of my neighbor's car. Both cars were parked and empty, so it was a clear case of fault.  Unfortunately, repairs will take about a month :(

But on a positive note, the school year has gotten off to a great start for Alex!  He's making lots of new friends and is excited about his classes.
Here he is on the first day of school (not pictured: new lunch box and thermos).  

Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer!

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