Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Many of the guide books are luke-warm about visiting Ankara. They will say it is not a city with many tourist attractions, instead it is mostly an administrative capitol full of government buildings. If one happens to get stuck in Ankara they suggest going to the Mausoleum of Attaturk...

and the Anatolian Civilization Museum...

We did all this but instead of feeling luke-warm we are enthusiatic. We really like Ankara. It is a bustling metropolis with many interesting neighborhoods. We also can't get enough of the Hittite civilization like the sun disk above.

The guide we are using, the Blue Book, notes there is no good food in Ankara and advises tourists to go to a schnitzel resturaunt in a hotel near the train station. Lilly and I disagree with all this. We found wonderful food in the local markets. Just look at how fresh and delicious it all is...

Not to mention some of the finest Hillary Duff photos this side of the Agean.

Next stop Cappadocia.

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