Sunday, July 24, 2011

Street Food Parade

Above is a shot of a great Kokorec stall we found in Bergama Turkey. Kokorec is spice stuffed, and slow cooked lamb instestine. It is a particular favoriet of mine. It is just one of the many artery-clogging-appetite-wetting street foods to be found. But to give you a sense of what else is out there here is a quick run down of some of our favorite street foods we've yet to blog about.

 1. Hamburger in Sauce. There is no good way to take a picture of this burger. It always looks soggy. That is because it is soggy. They keep the whole thing covered in a spicy tomato sauce. It might look bad but it tastes real good.
 2. Corn in a cup. Just as simple as it sounds, but with lots of butter, garlic, salt, and just a bit of ketchup for fun. A great summer snack.

 3. Green figs. A seasonal fruit on the carts right now. Truely one of the best fruits on the planet.

 4. Rice stuffed mussles. A guilty pleasure of many in Istanbul. These questioanble shell fish are sold off of paper trays uncooled in the blazing sun. They are however too delicious to pass up. And once you squirt it with lemon the acid kills any bacteria right? RIGHT?

 5. Kumru. A greasy greasy sandwhich composed of three different sausages grilled together and then topped with a thick slice of fried cheese.

6. Cig Kofte. We've actually blogged about these raw lamb meat balls. But this dark one in the foreground is new. It is an eastern anatolian spin on Kofte. It is far spicier and has an almost chipotle taste. It is totally different than the more familiar orange balls, and also delicious.

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