Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Turtles and Stars

After dinner on Friday night everyone got Turkish coffee and I (Alex) was treated to a reading of my coffee grounds. Tufan's sister in law did the honors. She is regarded as the most talented coffee reader in the family. I was told she has never been wrong in predicting peoples future in this manner. Let's hope I don't break her record.

The fine art of coffee fortunes is quite simple:

First turn over your finished cup and place a peace of metal on the cup to help dissipate the heat.

Second when the cup is cool flip it over seperating it from the saucer.

Third the cup and saucer are scrutinized for images and symbols imbedded in the coffee stains.

So what was my fortune? It was the best anyone could get. I had an unusually big turtle, an irrefutable symbol of lasting happiness. My cup was also full of stars. Another sign of continued happiness. Happy future here I come.

Although, oddly I can expect a major turning point in my life to involve a moose or other large horned quadraped. You can see the moose shape in this picture. So blog readers please be vigilant and help me keep a look out for life changing Mooseseses.

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