Monday, May 9, 2011

new obsession: Sugar Coated Radical

On a recent cloudless Sunday morning, Alex and I ventured to a magical place we'd often heard about but had never before seen with our own eyes.

 Tucked away in a little cottage on Drewry Lane, in our very neighborhood, is a chocolate shop to rival the best.  What is this place? It is the home of the Sugar Coated Radical.

I don't have a picture of the Radical herself, Miss Taria, but you can watch a short video about her here.

Or witness a bit of the magic right here...
photos from Sugar-Coated Radical's fbook page.. jellies, mendiants and truffles oh my!

 Not only do they make amazing chocolates (rumor is, they're Richard Blais's favorites in Atlanta), they do pastries as well!

On Sunday's they've been doing a bakery day with the guys from Rattletrap serving up some seriously awesome coffee. We went to the last bakery Sunday they'll be having while Sugar Coated Radical hunts down another commercial kitchen...

and we'll be first in line when they're back!

Japanese sweet potato turnover on the left, kimchi brioche on the right (SO GOOD)

Plum and ginger tart (totally amazing)

blackberry... something.  cake?  whatever it was, it was delicious!
All their wares were amazing, and I haven't even begun to tell you about the chocolate, caramels (IPA caramel!), and fruit jellies we tried!

I'm looking forward to sampling a lot more of SCR goods this summer when my cousin Sagan will be interning there.  I promise I'd be biased even without the family connection - this place rocks.

Three good things: The Rattletrap, an awesome cousin, and the corner of Sugar Coated Radical.
Sugar Coated Radical
680 Drewry Lane
twitter @sugarradical

Rattletrap Coffee Truck
twitter @rattletrap_atl

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