Monday, May 2, 2011

CDC Museum

During Wm's visit we finally made a trip to the CDC Museum, something we'd been meaning to do for a while.  Up until then, most of my Center for Disease Control and Prevention knowledge and experience stemmed from the occasional House episode.  The CDC Museum was established as part of Atlanta's preparation for the 1996 Olympic games to present the history and work of the CDC through dioramas and other exhibits.

Because the CDC is a government organization, there's excitement before you even walk through the door.

 The adventure begins with a search of your car.

Strip search and full body scan optional.

Once you're inside and past security there's a good amount to see.  We started with the temporary photography exhibit on malaria.

chillaxing with a malaria-carrying giant mosquito

I found the propaganda and educational posters very interesting.

(this one really made me laugh, which does not speak well for my maturity)

And of course, no trip to the CDC would be complete without some sort of initiation...

(note: these suits were made for giants and were incredibly unwieldy)
Folks, the CDC Museum is some of the best free entertainment Atlanta has to offer.  If you've got a free hour, I recommend making the trip!

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