Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Food Highlights from Wm's visit

Alex's good friend Nick Wm H-M. (for realz) visited us last week in a trip that resulted in each of us gaining 10 lbs.

We went to Waffle House...
Double buttermilk waffles with pecans...
plus, 3 egg & cheese biscuits...
and large hashbrowns, smothered and peppered.
After that we had our Seder.

We also went to Farm Burger...
(pictures courtesy of Nick and his sweet camera)
Farm Burger with bacon
from another angle

boiled peanuts
For dessert, Atlanta's answer to shaved ice: Suno.
original flavor shaved ice with red bean & mango.
While it wasn't as amazing as the real thing in Taiwan, Alex and I were nevertheless completely engrossed.

The last full day of Nick's visit was a doozey.

We started the day with matzoh brie
For lunch, we visited Hankook, a Korean taqueria we'd heard good things about.

Daeji Gogi Sliders
Sesame fries (a MUST-order)
bulgogi taco
fish taco
 Hankook is in a small building with an even smaller parking lot. While we were there we witnessed a hit & run.  All part of the Atlanta experience, am I right?

After Hankook we stopped at Star Provisions to ogle the amazing merch.  Didn't take any pictures, but I was very tempted to get the silver julep cups, exotic salts, and a braided buffalo penis treat for Didi.  

After Star Provisions, we headed to Flip Burger for dessert/a mid-afternoon snack.  
chocolate mole shake.
strawberry shortcake shake
Flip Burger is owned by Richard Blais, who won the most recent season of Top Chef, Top-Chef All-Stars!  Alex and I were rooting for this home-town-hero all the way, and were gratified to hear he's investing his winnings into a new Atlanta restaurant.  A waiter at Flip Burger told us plans are underway for a hot dog restaurant in the Highlands, conveniently walking distance for us.  Here's hoping the milkshakes are heading to the Highlands as well!

After a trip to the High Museum to see the Cartier-Bresson exhibit (fabulous) and selections from the Vogel Collection (there's a cute documentary about the Vogels that details the backstory of these amazing and unassuming collectors), it was back to the Howell Mill area for dinner at Abattoir.

duck "ham" with ramps.
amazing steak.
rabbit leg stuffed with rabbit sausage.
fresh baguette hot from the oven (we went through several of these)

chocolate chess pie with toffee brittle and creme fraiche.
coconut tres leche with dulce de leche ice cream and a burst of meringue.
Not pictured: Abattoir's home-brewed ginger beer (it burns!  in a good way!)
and how full we were after this day.
Every part of our meal was amazing from start to finish.  Abattoir is one of the few restaurants we've been to in Atlanta that I felt delivered from start to finish (and oh, what a finish!  It'd be worth going back just for those desserts).  

Thanks Nick for being such a great guest and indulging with us!  

More to come this week (maybe next week) on some of the actual sights we saw while Nick was in town.


  1. Don't forget Mary Mac's! Also: I'm still kind of full. Also also: that Miss Daisy sure got driven.

  2. Gah I DID forget Mary Mac's! Overwhelmed all over again by all that we ate.

    Is that a conflict over yonder? Sho' nuff it ain't!