Monday, April 11, 2011

Still Number One

I know what you're thinking and its something along the lines of "Lilly's delusional - March Madness is over and UNC did not win," and you'd be correct, but that's not what I'm talking about (for the record, very proud of the Heel's showing this past season and very excited to see what they'll do next year!).  Once again, I'm talking meat.

Our burger journey has taken us all over Atlanta, and taken over over our blog (and we haven't even blogged about all of these).  We've still got a few more places to explore (I'm looking at you H. Harper Station.  Didn't take pics or blog about this one, but I was mighty pleased with the rillettes, pork belly, and cocktail that I had there.  I'll definitely be back for their fried chicken and burger) but after revisiting the first and favorite, Farm Burger has maintained its position at the top!

We went last week with some friends.  Alex ordered the special, which was topped with pimento cheese and a fried green tomato, and I got the #5, which was layered with pork belly, fried onion rings, pickled jalapenos and barbecue sauce.  
Photo by Live to Feast.  I did not take any pics of my own that night.
Mine was salty, flavorful, moist, and tender, hitting all the notes you'd want a burger to hit.  Alex's pimento cheese burger was practically falling apart the thing was so moist, which, in case you're concerned was not a problem.  Each of us thought we'd out-ordered the other, and polished off our burgers easily.

Why so good?  For one, the patties at Farm Burger are incredibly tender and toothsome, unlike some of the denser (and therefore, tougher) patties we've had at other places.  Another positive (unless you're concerned about your sodium intake) is their deft hand with salt.  An under-salted burger hits a flat note on flavor, while a well-seasoned burger sings out.  And in this case, Farm Burger hits all the right harmonies.  Well done, Farm Burger, well done.

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