Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photog blog love /// A detour into girly

Now that most of the major vendors are booked for our wedding, I can start focusing on the little details.  The internet is full of inspiring blogs, but lately I've really been jonesing on that of my friend Melissa Williamson.  I've known Melissa since bid day at UNC, when we were paired up with the same temporary big-sorority-sis (totally gross I know).  Melissa rocks, and so does her photography.

A bride-to-be herself, her eye for fun wedding details is extraordinary.  Her two latest posts have really stimulated my new-found yen for sparkly things and pretty updos.

property of Melissa Williamson Photo

property of Melissa Williamson Photo

Gah, seriously!?!?!  Totally gorgeous!  My inner girl, who my inner tomboy usually quashes, is making a serious play for dominance right now.  

PS.  This blog will be back to its normal greasy food-obsessed self later this week - look out for a post on fried chicken!

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