Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shalom, ya'll, Part II.

The classic post-passover dish, Matzoh Brie!  The leftover Matzoh from Passover is "scalded" (brie means scalded) in boiling water to soften it to a noodle-like consistency.  After it is adequately softened, the matzoh is mixed with a combination of egg, milk, salt, and sugar, and soaked.  It's very similar to French toast.  Then the whole thing is fried in a pan and served either savory (with salt and pepper) or sweet (powdered sugar is a popular topping).

We went the sweet-route, with a selection of spreads and toppings.  Pictured starting at top right and moving clockwise: maple syrup, meyer lemon curd, rhubarb strawberry compote, pecan butter, and strawberry balsamic jam.

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