Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Street Food Thursdays

On a beautiful Thursday morning last week a few friends and I headed to the Woodruff Arts Center to see what all the fuss was about.  Thursdays, you see, are street food day in Midtown Atlanta.  Street Food Thursdays just started five weeks ago and are part of a movement to integrate street food into the Atlanta scene.  Although food trucks are an established part of food culture in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and even Carrboro, NC, Atlanta has laws that make it difficult for food truck businesses.  Unless its for a certified "event", food trucks are banned in the city.

Street Food Thursdays are aiming to change all that, and based on the consistent turn-out, great food, and enthusiasm, food trucks are here to stay!

11:00 AM

12:00 PM
 The head count has been consistently in the thousands every week!

Reasons why:
The hugely popular Yumbii truck carries food from Han Kook, for one, including their amazing sesame fries.

 The Tamale Queen serves up good food and for a good cause.

 SO many people told us to get the "poodle" at the Good Food truck.

My buddy Elizabeth got one of Sweet Auburn's bbq sandwiches.

The folks from Steady Hand Pour House, a standby for us (they carry Intelligentsia! and they're nice) were representing with their mobile coffee shop, Rattletrap.


That's right, this is the inside of a seriously tricked out VW bus.  Amazing!  
(Side note: the Rattletrap carries horchata -woohoo!- and the espresso drinks are even better than the ones in the shop. Fact: better espresso machine)

Bill Cunningham also paid the Rattletrap a visit.  Just kidding, but with the bike and camera doesn't it look like him?

some very content professionals taking a lunch break.
Street Food Thursdays are a lot of fun and not to be missed!  Get you down to the Woodruff Arts Center (thats 16th and Peachtree) or visit the SFT Annex down at 10th & Peachtree.
10th & Peachtree Street Food Annex
In case you needed one more reason to go...
Salted-butter caramel ice cream and chocolate chip cookie sandwich.     BAM.

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