Thursday, July 19, 2012


Road trippin...

Zoom zoom no time for chicken...

Whoosh there goes Alabama...

Tighten your bible belt loosen your waist belt because Lilly and I are road tripping through the south. We are camping, site seeing and eating our way to Marfa TX. Today and yesterday were our introduction to Mississippi.
Highlights include a visit to Tupelo...

which is home to Elvis' birth home. Note the small one room house he was born and raised in (photo 1 me) and the massive brick museum that now accompanies it (photo 2 Lilly).

This seems like a meaningful contrast but I struggle to explain why. But this painting we found at Ole Miss seems to say something about it.

We also visited Oxford home to the home where Faulkner lived until his death. We even saw the room where his funeral was held. Below is Lilly approaching the house then shots of his library and writing desk.

Food-wise we enjoyed a stop at the Beacon outside of Oxford. A truly greasy spoon. We got there about 8am and it was full of people we couldn't help imagine were straight out of Faulkner's novels, like the suspicious one in burgundy closest to the camera. I was also excited about the biscuits.

Tomorrow we are off to the Mississippi Delta. Famous as the cradle of the Blues and tamales.

If you are unfamiliar with delta tamales please check out this informative website from the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA).

While at Ole Miss we had the delight of visiting the offices of the SFA an organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of southern food culture. We are real fans of their work and were thrilled to meet them. They were gracious with their time and knowledge. Many thanks to Amy, Jill, John T., Sara, and Mayberry for meeting with us. It gave us a lot to chew on literally and metaphorically. If you have any interest in food, America, and/or delicious things please check them out.

More soon! One more day in Mississippi then Louisiana.

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