Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last stop Lexington

Our art tour of the US is winding down with one last stop in KY. It's beautiful in this part of the world. Rolling hills and lush horse farms. But even better are the people.

We had the pleasure of spending time with Chase the director of a local contemporary art center "Institute 193". Here Lilly and Chase enjoy some Kentucky bourbon and discuss post-studio-modern-barrel-aged art.

We then saw their most recent exhibition of work from the Latitude artists community. An organization that helps individuals with disabilities engage politically and culturally. These are impressive paintings by

We also saw the bizarre neo-gothic mansion that holds the Lexington art league. They held the KY biennial which interestingly has only a limited number of artists from KY but a strong showing from neighboring states.

And of course we ended our southern fried road trip with many things deep fried. We went to Ramsays diner. Above is fried catfish with fired corn, corn fritters, fried green tomatoes and corn bread. Below is a Hot Brown. This hot mess is a local KY open face sandwich. It has a slice of bread with thick cut turkey and a slab of ham which are then slathered in a mornay sauce (like a béarnaise but cheesier) then the whole thing is covered in cheddar and broiled and topped with bacon. Yep it tastes as ridiculous as it sounds. Oh yeah and then we finished it with Chess pie.

A celebratory feast For a summer well travelled. Now its back to work. Back to teaching and eating things that aren't deep fried. Well maybe a little fried...we still do live in the south after all.

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