Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Lilly and I went to MN to visit my family and were happy to learn it was also raspberry season.

We picked a bunch and made more tarts than is healthy.

We also made an appearance at my 10 yr high school reunion. A fun time but no wm.

But there was a Julia Bly.

And a Rissy and a Devin.

We also had unexpectedly good food in twin cities. I love my state but I have become resigned to the fact that it has almost exclusively bland food. But we had a great Bun meal at this Vietnamese eatery. Definitely not bland.

But the highlight was a dinner at Saffron a north african inspired restaurant.

We got a rabbit tagine.

Fried lambs brain with stewed tomatoes.

Lamb bacon with compressed watermelon.

But the highest highlight was seeing Kyle potter turn into some kind of ghost with only 4 fingers. It made it very difficult to play board games.

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