Thursday, July 15, 2010


There are a few common features to any Taiwanese neighborhood. One such feature is the bakery. They all look almost the same. Each one has a few rows of 4-tiered wooden shelves filled with items. One walks around with a tray and tongs and pick what you want. The most striking thing about Taiwanese baked goods is their hybrid charachter. They look like western style dessrts and breads but always have a decidedly asian twist. Consider this tart filled with seasame cream and red beans.

There are also many savory options on offer. Like this pumpernickle bun filled with chicken salad and spring onions.

But my favorite by far has been this calzone like thingy filled with dried pork and taro root paste.

Lilly quite likes this light puff pastries with carmalized sugar in the bottom.

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