Friday, July 16, 2010

Southern Food: Tainan (Part 1)

Lilly and I are now on the southern end of Taiwan and although this is a small island the food is different down here. The most striking difference is the abundance of seafood. Lilly and my first stop was the city Tainan. One of the oldest cities on the island it is the place the Dutch first landed and built a fort in the early 1600's. It is the fourth largest city in Taiwan with almost 1 million people but is still know for its quaint feel and slow pace. We arrived around lunch time and started our day with a bowl of clam ramen.

Later we tried a local dish of eels and noodles in a thick sauce. Initially we had trouble finding it. We were looking for street vendors in Tainan, but it was instead a city of small restaurants. This has been different from all our other stops in Taiwan. We finally figured it out and got fed.

We made our way to the site of the original dutch outpost "Fort Zeelandia" in a neighborhood called Anping. There was a lot of food going on in this little area.

Fish being dried in Anping.

Oysters being schucked in Anping.
We couldn't leave before stopping by "chou's shrimp roll" shop. A recomendation from Lilly's mom. Fish ball soup (milk fish) and the famous shrimp roll. Sorry the pictres are on their sides. Even though they are upside down they were delicious.

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