Thursday, July 1, 2010

Off to Asia again

Dear friends and family,

Alex and I are headed to Asia again, tomorrow!  We're off to Taiwan for 3 weeks to visit my mom's family, eat our weight in dumplings, and see the sights.  After that, its a quick return to Chicago for some fast packing and the drive to Atlanta!  In the meantime, we're blogging again (some of you read our Vietnam blog ).  We're going to try and be better bloggers this summer, especially as there's a profound lack of food blog attention to Taiwan.  Hopefully we can fill that void.

Here's a preview of what we'll be eating
dumplings at Din-Tai Fun

shaved ice with mango and sweetened azuki beans

anyway, wish us a safe trip, keep checking back (or follow us!  I'm not really sure what that does, but maybe you'll get an update with every new post?), and have a Happy Independence Day for us!

- Lilly

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