Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hualien Dumpling City

Lilly and I are now in the Pacific coast city of Hualien. Unexpectedly we have had some of the best dumplings of the trip here. Above is a pork dumpling vendor with steam baskets piled high (I love these). But our favorite in Hualien has been a dumpling soup shop called Daiji Bianshi.

They only serve one thing pork dumpling in soup. It costs a little less than 2 dollars a bowl and is a fantastic meal.

It has a simple clean taste. The broth is light and the dumpling wrappers melt in your mouth. It is a very basic set-up with one side for dumpling making and one side for broth making.

We like it so much we went back twice in two days. We highly recommend it to anyone visiting Hualien. It's a well known shop and any local can direct you but here is their business card just in case.

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