Saturday, July 24, 2010


Lilly and I have become painfully aware of how much we have to learn about Taiwanese food. Our blog is not an indepth or systematic resource for eating in Taiwan. But for a pair of travellers who speak no Chinese and have no car we're trying our best. However our Tawainese counterparts are serious about the food. There are dozens of books on street food alone. This is a bookcase at the eslite book store in Taipie just of books on finding street food.
Many of these books have detailed descriptions of the food...
As well as walking maps of neighborhoods...
And biographical information on the individual vendors...

There are also books dedicated to just finding good beverages on the island.

Or this one dedicated to just finding foods made by indigenous people.
This isn't mentioning all the news articles and blog material in Chinese. This country is really serious about it's food...who can blame them, it is all fantastic.

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