Saturday, July 24, 2010

Butter Buns?

Typically a good rule of thumb with eateries in Asian is look for the line.  When it comes to the best dish, it seems everyone is well aware of where to go, and no one will settle for less.  (The previously posted-on noodle-plate man has a competitor two stalls down, serving the same type of meal with the same ingredients.  However, our NPM always has a HUGE crowd around him, while the other shop sits mostly idle).

Q.E.D., when we saw the long lines forming around one shop we had to get in line too. 

Not knowing how to read Chinese, we weren't sure what we were getting, though there were clues.
Gotta love the cartoon-avatars of the house specialty at these restaurants.

When we got closer, we finally figured out what they were serving.  Sweet buns, coated in sugar, with a HUGE slice of butter slapped in the middle.  
Here is the slice of butter being placed on the open bun. 

And here it is.

And the verdict?  Totally underwhelming.  It really tastes like solid butter in a mildly sweet bun, nothing more.  Not BAD per se, but hardly worth the line.  What's all the fuss about?

I guess every rule has its exception, even rules-of-thumb.

- Lilly

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