Friday, July 16, 2010

Southern Food: Kaohsiung (Part 2)

Our next stop was Kaohsiung (pronounced kinda like gow-shung)Taiwan's second city. Kaosiung is one of the worlds largest container ports and we were expecting a crowded industrial city. This was not the case. The city fathers have pumped a lot of money into beautifying Kaosiung and making a very sleak and efficient transportation system.

It has also been one of our favorite food stops. Like southern food in America the southern food of Taiwan is deliciously fried. We got fried chicken in the afternoon. This too used a yam starch batter making a tasty deviation from the American classic.

Also on offer are fried octopus tentacles.
Fried oyster dumplings with onions and hard boiled egg.
Fried duck parts. The most interesting was the gizzard and the most delicious were balls of duck skin.
And there were more corn dog options than at a state fair. I got a smoked hot dog with fried potato bits in the batter.

All and all a job well done in Kaohsiung. I should know... I am the mayor.


  1. Happy as a mayor with a meat stick!

  2. Wow. Except for the Turkish ice cream, I don't think we have eaten any of the foods you have posted, and we did spend some time in Asia.