Saturday, July 10, 2010

Carleton:1, St. Olaf: 1, Maoli: 10+

Our Northfield readers will appreciate the content of this post: windmills!

We are staying in Maoli for a few days with my aunt and uncle.  Maoli is a one and a half hour drive south of Taipei and has been consistently described to us by Taipei-ites as "country".  It's much smaller than Taipei for sure, yet seems denser?  However, its quite lovely in its own way. 

My cousin E-zi took us and his wife on a drive to the power plant to see... an english word they couldn't remember.  Alex and I were pretty befuddled, but as we exited the town onto a small road that twisted through rice and millet fields we realized they were talking about windmills, lots of them!
At least 10 or 15, and too many to fit into a single shot.  Being by the shore, these windmills made a lovely sight, which attracted many locals and venders.

Alex and my cousin-in-law Vivian.

E-zi, Alex and me.

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  1. Beatiful pictures! And vindmyllur! Haven't seen a single one in Iceland yet, although we've got lots of wind here (mostly though it's been hot air in the politicians and financiers...)