Saturday, July 17, 2010

East Coast Plan B

This morning Lilly and I rounded the southern tip of Taiwan and took a train up the east coast to the city of Taitung. Our ambition was to take a boat to the island of Lanyu. Lanyu is an island 90 km east of Taiwan into the Pacific. It rarely visited by tourists and is the home of the Tao people (an idigenous group famous for their canoes). It is also supposed to be encircled by one of the finest coral reefs perfect for snorkling. However upon arrival at the harbor we learned the boat out would not run until Monday and would not return until Wednesday. There is a high chance of that boat being cancelled due to bad weather and we could be stuck on the island for a week or more. It became clear to us why tourists rarely visit. So we decided to scrap our island adventure (leave it for next visit) and make the most of our stay on the mainland in Taitung. Of course this involved some new food. Like a lunch of wide noodles in pork broth with fermented duck egg.

A snack of sausages. The first is pork casement filled with flying fish eggs. The second we were told was pork colon casement filled with sticky rice then sliced and filled with a spicy sauce.

And dinner of stinky tofu sliced then fried with pickled cabage. Stinky tofu is tofu that has been fermented for several months to give it a distinct tangy taste and ofcourse odor. Lilly particularly enjoyed this deep fried stinky tofu.

And of course, we ended the meal with shaved ice (this time with freshly made rice-flour balls)(pretend its rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees).

A nice and tasty plan B.

(dessert #2 - we can't resist baked goods).

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