Friday, July 16, 2010


Lilly and I stumbled upon this cart in a Kaohsiung night market selling Turkish ice cream. I approached the vendor and delighted him when I spoke Turkish. He indeed was a Turk who spoke very little English and even less Chinese. It was a great suprise for the both of us to meet. He is over in Taiwan for 4 months to work with his extended family. Apparently they have been in the city for years just making ice cream. He will return to Ankara in September. We didn't have time to discuss the whole story of what originally brought a family of Turks to southern Taiwan. He was busy working and we were heading off, but I would like to find out the whole story some day. Perhaps there is freelance article to be written here. Maybe the Wall Street Journal would want an article on Ottoman ice cream in East Asia. Food for thought. And our thought on the food was that it was excellent icecream. Very thick and gummy just like on the streets of Istanbul.

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