Monday, July 5, 2010

Banquet #1

My mom's oldest sister Zhao-mei (that's Da-ay-i to me, or Eldest Aunt) came into Taipei Sunday night from Maoli and took the entire family out for a feast.  16 of us met at a Beijing-style restaurant next to a koi pond I frequented as a child. 

We started with whole fried fish (head pictured).  And moved on to
"Shrimp on the rocks" (only a few shrimp left by the time it got to me)
Braised ribs and beans [in the background, pitcher of fresh watermelon juice (There was also fresh kiwi juice)].
Left: beef with asparagus and hot chili peppers.  Right: fried bamboo shoots.
Fish (no idea what kind) with daikon and bell peppers.  At the top is the newest addition to the family: my cousin's son Chris (or Zo-zo), who just turned 2 last month!  He's the Golden Grandson, beloved by all, and with good reason, as he's incredibly adorable.
Vegetable pancakes
Crabs on the half-shell
Eldest aunt herself, with vegetable dumplings and (furthest back) xiao long bao (little soup dumplings)
And the main course, duck, to be put into wraps with hoisin sauce and slices of green onion.
Dessert: watermelon slices and a red bean (azuki) filled sesame pancake.
the meal at its pinnacle.  also, gigantic lazy susan.
The whole crew!  When this family gets together, we eat! 

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