Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hakka Table: Breakfast (part 2)

We began our day with a Hakka breakfast. The stall that Lilly's aunt took us to at 8AM was packed. A real neighborhood favorite. I've provided the sign for those who can read Chinese.

We got a little bit of everything. This includedthe noodles above and the below picture of small intestines to dip in soy sauce, pigs ear soup, and fishballs.

We rounded out our meal with congealed blood cubes.

We learned there are 3 different cuts of small intestine depending on where in the intestine meat comes from. We apparently were eating the middle small intestine. Known for its slight sweet taste. The most startling part of the intestines was a grainy but tasteful white layer in the inside. I was informed that this is a mucus layer that congeals when cooked and contains all the flavor. Lilly's aunt and Uncle are both doctors and mentioned that intestine is a great cure for anemia. We are not anemic but we loved it anyway.

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