Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hakka Table (Part 1)

In the last two days we've been treated to a non-stop Hakka feast. As I mentioned the Hakka are a sub-group of Chinese who immigrated to Taiwan in the 17th century. They are a unique culture with their own specialized foods. Hakka specialties have become popular throughout Taiwan, but Maoli city is a center for Hakka culture. The city itself is majority Hakka.

Hakka food reflects Hakka culture which has been agricultural for centuries. The food is salty, greasy, and filling. Great food stuffs after working in the fields all day. Lilly and I haven't been doing much harvesting but we still have enjoyed the food.

Above is an image of our lunch. Prepared by Lilly's aunt's housekeeper it includes some Hakka specialties front: left are small intestines dipped in chillies and soy sauce (pig), center is slow cooked pork with duck eggs, and right is fresh jellyfish and cucumber salad.

Take a look at what goes into Hakka cooking. These are all shots from the Maoli market. Lilly and I were particularly taken by the crabs.

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