Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hakka Table: Dinner (Part 3)

For dinner we went with the whole family to a restaurant near their home. You can see chris checking out the table. The shop proudly announced on its sign that it has been cooking Hakka food for 50 years. It has been one of my favorite meals in Taiwan. Any serious foodie coming to the island should take the 1 hour bus from Taipei to visit this place. It is on the main southern road through Maoli and can be identified by its sign with the big 50 on it.

Highlights of this meal include a hot pot of pig offal and tongue. The meats were then sliced and had with noodles. I particularly enjoyed the stomach meat.

Then large intestine in rice vinegar.
A thick oyster omlette, crisy and tastier than the omlette's we had in Taipei.

Then pig kidneys and spleen in a rice wine broth.

Finally fried pigs liver and pork chops in a yam batter.

After dinner the chef and his wife came out to chat with the family. It was a great expereince and we couldn't leave without getting our picture taken.

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