Saturday, July 24, 2010

top 3 foods that didn't make the blog yet

This is just a quick list of stuff we ate but never found a time to blog about it. Above is a picture taken in Koahsiung. It makes me look huge compared to the vendor.

#1: Blood Cubes and Chicken Hearts severd with spicy oil. The cubes are fried pigs blood and rice and the chicken hearts are pan fried then both served in a bag.
#2 Crazy Candy. The first are tasty and colorful nut brittles. These were purchased in Koahsiung. The second is a chocolate bar with pop rocks mixed in. Why didn't America think of that yet!

#3 Crazy Drinks. Unfortunately drinks don't photograph well. But we've had some tasty stuff. Taiwan is the inventer of bubble tea and almost every blog has a cafe mixing up lot of varieties of teas, milks and juices. The first is black tea ice cream float. The second is milk mixed with mung beans.

Dishonorable mention: For breakfast we tried a Japanese fast food shop called Mos Burger. It was humorously bad. Lilly had a pressed chicken and shaved cabbage sandwhich, while I had egg ham and peanut butter. This is fair warning for future travellers. Don't do breakfast at Mos Burger.

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